Sleep is overrated:

At least, that is my motto for the next two weeks.  The past three months in London have gone by all too quickly, and now I have less than two weeks left… I know it sounds so cliché, but I feel like I just got here. There is still so much left to explore: museums to visit, buildings to tour, souvenirs to buy, markets to browse, and pictures to take.

But there’s looming project deadlines, papers due, and finals standing in my way.  As I’m a perfectionist, I’ve decided to sacrifice sleep. It’s the only option if I want to maintain my grades and still get the most out of my last two weeks living in London.

Even though it still doesn’t feel real, I’ve finally admitted it. I am leaving. Although, I truly hope I this is not the last time I will get the chance to live in London… because three months is just not enough.

Here are some photos from this past week in London:

Making my grandma's cranberry sauce! Photo cred: Lindsey Derstine

The impressive Thanksgiving dinner we all cooked! Photo cred: Lindsey Derstine

Enjoying our Thanksgiving in London. Photo cred: Lindsey Derstine

I apologize for the short post, but I have a deadline tomorrow and I’m going to see Pippin tonight for my musical theatre class (I know, rough).  Actually, my analysis on The Naked Mannequin is what is due tomorrow. I’m not sure if I mentioned it, but for the past couple weeks I have been focusing on generating more engagement as part of a case study for my interactive communications course. I really appreciate all those that have been reading in the past couple weeks! I look forward to continuing to develop The Naked Mannequin and my communication with my followers in the coming weeks.

Cheers! XO


I get by with a little help from my friends…

I recently entered a contest on to win a $500 Lulu*s gift certificate!  My love for Lulu*s goes way back:

My uncle Mike and aunt Sue moved to Chico, California in 2002 after living in North Dakota for a few years.  Visiting them in North Dakota was a unique experience – we attended a Native American Pow Wow, which was interesting because I have Native American roots in my family tree (my great, great, great grandmother was Iroquois).

However, visiting them in California is an entirely different experience.  It still appeals to my adventurous side: we have found natural swimming pools to swim in, gone rock climbing, attended baseball games, lost a shoe in a waterfall, among other things. But my stylish side loves when we go shopping on Main Street.  I first fell in love with Lulu*s Fashion Lounge when I shopped in the store in Chico, California in 2004!  So winning this contest would be amazing!

I’d love it if you could go to my profile and vote “love it” for my #lulus Crossing Sunset looks! Voting ends this Friday, August 26th. I’d really appreciate it.

Below are some of my favorite photos of my Crossing Sunset look.  Special thanks to my aunt Peggy and uncle Ken for helping me with this photoshoot at Long Beach Island, NJ this weekend!  Also, check out my uncle’s energy shots, Cojones and Cojones Grandes =)

Interestingly, my first and only time flying alone was to visit my aunt and uncle, and tomorrow I’ll be flying alone to London!  It’s so soon. Now, I’m back to packing (I have too many clothes.)

Next time I post… it will be from across the pond! Cheers and thanks for reading ❤


My new hair cut! I apologize if you thought it was a upcoming designer or something of the sort. I’m just very excited about my new look and wanted to share it with you =)

This look is a little shorter than I’ve ever gone. But, I am going to London for 3 and a half months… so who knows when my next haircut will be. I also got feather extensions in my hair. I know, I jumped on the bandwagon, but they are so fun! (You can’t really see them in the pictures because they’re neutral colors.)

What do you think of the new cut?

Thanks to my aunt Peggy for taking my photos at Long Beach Island, NJ!

And then there was one…

One. The loneliest number? I think not.

One week until my first full day living in London.
Surrounded by millions of people from all over the world.

One more day of work this summer.
Serving dozens of customers and politely asking every person with a British accent where they are from.

One suitcase left to pack.
Lost in the mountains of clothes that have taken-over my bedroom floor.  How am I ever going to fit 3 months worth of clothes in 2 suitcases?!

One new city.
One new culture.
One new experience.

I’m not afraid of the number one.

I can’t wait to be one new student exploring London, **2011’s world fashion capital, according to a recent Reuters survey:

“Based on a system that tracks the frequency of words and phrases in print, electronic and social media, London moved up from third to first place in 2011, ousting New York from the top spot it had held in the survey for several years.”

Two words:  Alexander. McQueen.

Too bad I missed the summer music festivals in London, where next season’s trends are first spotted.

Blending into the scenery... Photo cred: Ekta

Close up on new top. Photo cred: Ekta

What do you think of the new top? Yay or Nay? Leave comments, I love the feedback =)


**Ironically, the article refers to Kate Middleton as a “fashion icon.” See my previous post on this topic.