Introducing Fashonify: Get paid for your fashion advice!

Have you ever looked back at old photos and thought, “Why did I wear that”? (Be honest, we all have. I’ll admit it, I have been guilty of some fashion blunders.) If only there was a way to prevent future occurrences.  If only we could all have our own personal stylists assuring that we always look camera ready…

Well, now we can, thanks to Fashonify, a new social network where fashion-lovers (and those in need of some style help) exchange advice on their current fashion dilemmas.  Instead of just getting a second opinion, you will get feedback from countless fashionable users on  It’s like Mecca for the stylish.  Plus, it’s easy to join: just create a username and password, start uploading your looks that you want feedback on, and soon, you will have ample amounts of fashion advice.

You can gain feedback on anything style related: an outfit for an important occasion, a dress you’re not sure you should purchase, your new nail polish color, even what color you should dye your hair.  Currently, I am on the hunt for the perfect night outfit for the winter weather, so I would want to post a few potential looks to see which one Fashonify users favor.  For those of you planning to take advantage of “Cyber Monday”, why not poll Fashonify before you purchase those designer boots?

And while you’re there, don’t forget to give feedback on others users’ polls; the more helpful your advice, the more likely other users are to send you a “thank-you” in the form of money. Yes, money!  For example, say your advice saves someone from making the wrong first impression at a job interview.  That person will probably want to thank you for helping them land the job, and they can do so by sending you a little cash.  Then, on the 15th of every month, Fashonify gives you 70% of everything you have earned.

Wait, so you mean to tell me that people can pay me for my style advice that I usually give for free… Why hasn’t anyone thought of this sooner?  Seeing as I recently spent my life savings traveling Europe during my semester abroad, this concept behind Fashonify immediately caught my attention.   And with the holiday season upon us, everyone knows that any extra cash helps.

Not only does Fashonify allow you to indulge in your love of fashion, but it also rewards you with a little extra money that can go towards that sweater you’ve been longing for. Just make sure you ask for advice before you buy it!

As if you need another reason to sign up for Fashonify… The user that earns the most points by December 10, 2011 will win a $150 PiperLime gift card!!  What are you waiting for?  See you on Fashonify!

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Current obsession…

My mustard colored skirt that brightens up any outfit.  Today definitely called for some brightening. I’m currently rocking the skirt with thick tights, boots and layered sweaters because my room is an ice box. The now unyielding cold weather is just another reminder that I only have three weeks left here…

Although, I am trying to make the most of it. Fortunately, everything in London has been transformed into a beautiful winter wonderland. There are Christmas lights and decorations everywhere, festivals, ice skating, and Christmas markets (which I am most excited about). My wallet is definitely taking a beating. Only three weeks left to shop in London? Obviously I am taking advantage of the opportunity. I still need to buy some souvenirs. But let’s be honest, I’ll probably end up purchasing more clothes than anything…

What’s on your holiday shopping list?

Love this skirt. With my sorority sister, Meg Ghezzi!

Obviously, not a winter outfit. That's because I was on a cruise from Greece to Turkey!

Did I say it was almost Christmas? Ehh, I'm still on holiday.

Cheers! XO

I get by with a little help from my friends…

I recently entered a contest on to win a $500 Lulu*s gift certificate!  My love for Lulu*s goes way back:

My uncle Mike and aunt Sue moved to Chico, California in 2002 after living in North Dakota for a few years.  Visiting them in North Dakota was a unique experience – we attended a Native American Pow Wow, which was interesting because I have Native American roots in my family tree (my great, great, great grandmother was Iroquois).

However, visiting them in California is an entirely different experience.  It still appeals to my adventurous side: we have found natural swimming pools to swim in, gone rock climbing, attended baseball games, lost a shoe in a waterfall, among other things. But my stylish side loves when we go shopping on Main Street.  I first fell in love with Lulu*s Fashion Lounge when I shopped in the store in Chico, California in 2004!  So winning this contest would be amazing!

I’d love it if you could go to my profile and vote “love it” for my #lulus Crossing Sunset looks! Voting ends this Friday, August 26th. I’d really appreciate it.

Below are some of my favorite photos of my Crossing Sunset look.  Special thanks to my aunt Peggy and uncle Ken for helping me with this photoshoot at Long Beach Island, NJ this weekend!  Also, check out my uncle’s energy shots, Cojones and Cojones Grandes =)

Interestingly, my first and only time flying alone was to visit my aunt and uncle, and tomorrow I’ll be flying alone to London!  It’s so soon. Now, I’m back to packing (I have too many clothes.)

Next time I post… it will be from across the pond! Cheers and thanks for reading ❤

Fashionista dies from resisting the urge to shop…

I can see the headlines now.

So, I’m not actually dead (obviously). But, for me, saving money and refraining from shopping is pretty close to a death sentence.

I nearly had an actual heart attack the other night when I checked my online banking and found that someone had withdrawn $1000 from my savings account this weekend.  My first thought: Did I black out and go on a much needed shopping spree?! Plausible. Except there were no new clothes in my closet (or on the floor, or my dresser top, or my desk chair…) After some panicking and a phone call to the bank, I figured out my mom took out the money for her vacation. But the bank took it out of my account instead. Crisis adverted.

To celebrate the fact that I was not really broke, I went shopping. Logically. Thankfully I have birthday money; Hello gift cards to Banana Republic & TJMaxx  and $100 that I won on a birthday lottery ticket….

Goodbye $100. Hello amazing white linen, sequin trim blazer with the perfect nautical touches (silver, anchor buttons and navy striped lining), bright purple draped skirt, and FREE brown woven belt!

God, it feels good to shop.

Unique white blazer (got it on sale!)

The purple skirt was on sale too

Free with my purchases