New year, new look…

Every year it is the same old thing: you make new year resolutions that you intend to keep, and a couple of weeks in you’ve already failed to maintain them. Well, I want this year to be different!

It’s taken me a while to adjust to reality (being back in the US) after living my dream in London.  I worked all through the holiday season to make back some money for this next semester. Which explains, but does not excuse, my lack of blog posts recently. Now that I’m not completely broke, it is time to start getting everything else ready for this coming semester.

Since the new year began, I have been determined to check off all the things on my to-do list.  First item of business: write down my resolutions on decorative paper, and frame them.  If they are on my bedside table every morning, I will be more motivated to keep them (at least that is what I’m hoping). I got this idea from one of my favorite bloggers, Emily Schuman, who writes Cupcakes and Cashmere.  See her original idea here.

Second item of business, focus on my blog! (Which also happens to be one of my resolutions). Ever since I changed my layout, I have wanted to create a new header.  Now that I finally have the programs, and the time, I have created two options. As you may have noticed, one of the options is already visible on my blog. There is also another one, but I can’t decide which I like better. That is why I want to get your input on them! I’d love if you could comment on this post with which one you prefer.

Option One

Option Two

Hope you all had a happy new year! I’m looking forward to what 2012 has in store… What about you?  What are your new years resolutions?


Introducing Fashonify: Get paid for your fashion advice!

Have you ever looked back at old photos and thought, “Why did I wear that”? (Be honest, we all have. I’ll admit it, I have been guilty of some fashion blunders.) If only there was a way to prevent future occurrences.  If only we could all have our own personal stylists assuring that we always look camera ready…

Well, now we can, thanks to Fashonify, a new social network where fashion-lovers (and those in need of some style help) exchange advice on their current fashion dilemmas.  Instead of just getting a second opinion, you will get feedback from countless fashionable users on  It’s like Mecca for the stylish.  Plus, it’s easy to join: just create a username and password, start uploading your looks that you want feedback on, and soon, you will have ample amounts of fashion advice.

You can gain feedback on anything style related: an outfit for an important occasion, a dress you’re not sure you should purchase, your new nail polish color, even what color you should dye your hair.  Currently, I am on the hunt for the perfect night outfit for the winter weather, so I would want to post a few potential looks to see which one Fashonify users favor.  For those of you planning to take advantage of “Cyber Monday”, why not poll Fashonify before you purchase those designer boots?

And while you’re there, don’t forget to give feedback on others users’ polls; the more helpful your advice, the more likely other users are to send you a “thank-you” in the form of money. Yes, money!  For example, say your advice saves someone from making the wrong first impression at a job interview.  That person will probably want to thank you for helping them land the job, and they can do so by sending you a little cash.  Then, on the 15th of every month, Fashonify gives you 70% of everything you have earned.

Wait, so you mean to tell me that people can pay me for my style advice that I usually give for free… Why hasn’t anyone thought of this sooner?  Seeing as I recently spent my life savings traveling Europe during my semester abroad, this concept behind Fashonify immediately caught my attention.   And with the holiday season upon us, everyone knows that any extra cash helps.

Not only does Fashonify allow you to indulge in your love of fashion, but it also rewards you with a little extra money that can go towards that sweater you’ve been longing for. Just make sure you ask for advice before you buy it!

As if you need another reason to sign up for Fashonify… The user that earns the most points by December 10, 2011 will win a $150 PiperLime gift card!!  What are you waiting for?  See you on Fashonify!

Join Fashonify *  Follow @fashonify on Twitter * Like Fashonify on Facebook

Dear Aspiring Fashion Icons…

Today, I read the article, “Kate Middleton Earns Her Place As A Style Icon” on New York Magazine’s fashion blog, The Cut.  And it was as if I suddenly began to reconsider my definition of style.

As the new Duchess of Cambridge, Kate certainly has the funds to be a fashion icon.  But, she can’t be sporting next season’s runway trends when she is in the public eye as a political figure.  Therefore, according to the fashion industry, Kate is in no way a fashion icon.  So, she is “demoted” to style icon?

I used to want to be on the top of every fashion trend, but if I could have Kate’s put together style and extensive wardrobe – which millions of people ogle over – I would be content. Sure, I would be more daring than Kate is when it comes to couture. But, to be fair, I’m not a duchess.

So, what makes a fashion icon? To me, it seems as if there are some key ingredients: money and publicity.  Essentially, any person that can afford to buy designers’ runway looks – and a stylist – could be a fashion icon. (If you go by the definition explained in the article.) Granted, it does take some creativity and trend forecasting as well, but that’s what they pay stylists for.

In my opinion, Kate Middleton’s doing something right.  Consider the countless famous/wealthy people that have absolutely no fashion sense what-so-ever and just wear anything expensive.  Personally, I think that is a waste of wealth. Share some with people who actually have style.  If I had the money, you bet I would be ahead of every trend…

Stop rambling. Reality check. I’m a college student, working two jobs to earn money that I will undoubtably blow in Europe this fall. So, if I can’t be a fashion icon, I will settle for aspiring style icon.

What do you think about fashion icons versus style icons?  Which would you rather be?

*After writing this, I read this interesting article  on who Kate is really trying to reach with her wardrobe choices.  Keep in mind, it was written by a self-proclaimed “fashion snob.”

A few of my favorite things…

I took a little time off this weekend. From blogging, not my two jobs (I wish). I would rather blog everyday, but a fashionista needs money. Especially for weekends like this one.

Straight from job #1 on Friday evening, I drove up to north Jersey in the pouring rain.  (Side note: I had never driven on the Garden State Parkway before this summer, but now I think I’ve mastered it.)  But it was to see my Alpha Delta Pi sorority sisters and well worth the trip.  Unfortunately, I only got to spend one night with them: one night that included drinking box wine (classy), playing the Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus board game, and watching the Roommate (appropriate, seeing as there were many roommates present).

Then it was off to job #2.  Not a fan of the NJ turnpike, but I made it with one minute to spare. Literally, one minute. And I was wearing my Steve Madden flats that I wore to job #1 the day before. They aren’t exactly ideal for a customer service job.  All I really wanted to do after that eight-hour shift was pass out, but it was wine night at one of my best friend’s places.  I’m glad I went.  There was a few of my favorite things: best friends, good (inexpensive) wine, and great conversation – aka reminiscing and gossiping. Don’t judge me.

Sunday: the holy day. Obviously, I went to my place of worship – the mall. Praying for a sale or two.  Amen. Summer sales all around. It was an amazing day with my friends and easily my most successful shopping experience of the year… and probably my last. Must. Save. Money.

How was your weekend?

P.S. Expect a post on my new clothes later this week. 

Allison and I on Friday night. Getting ready to play Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.