Prioritize Your Life

What do new year’s resolutions and studying abroad have in common? They usually don’t last as long as you want them to… As soon as February comes around, reality generally steps in a throws your plans for a loop. Anyone agree with me? And if not, more power to you! (Teach me your ways.)

I confess: my problem was a combination of both reality after returning from London and the fact that I tend to put too many things on my plate. (Does anyone else do that?) I want to do everything and make everyone happy, but I’m starting to learn I have to make time for things that make me happy too!

Although I can honestly say that I am happy to devote my time to everything I currently do. Either because I’m dedicated to the cause (event planning for recruitment for Gamma Omicron chapter of Alpha Delta Pi or helping to coordinate a 5K race to benefit Ronald McDonald House Charities and the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation) or because I love the work (Sterling Communications and PRSSA).

But, there are so many other things I want to do: apply to more internships so I can get a summer internship, write articles for Mashed Marketing and Her Campus, read the Hunger Games… and write on my own blog!!

I know how to prioritize when it comes to my responsibilities and classes, so why can’t I prioritize when it comes to my own life? Taking time off is something I generally reserve for sleeping in on weekends and breaks from school. However, I have found recently that when I schedule in time to get tea with a friend or dinner with my sorority sisters my day gets a little brighter and things seem more doable. Do any of you find that you have to schedule in down time? It’s really not as bad as it sounds – my planner and iCal are my best friends! Intern Queen, Lauren Berger, demonstrates how to prioritize and schedule your life in her book All Work, No Pay.

So you might be thinking, what does this post have to do about fashion, not much except if you’re going to be busy all the time, look stylish while you’re doing everything! Oh, and if you’re not on Pinterest yet, get on there – tons of style inspiration.

Liz and I making diamonds! (Alpha Delta Pi symbol) One of my favorite recently documented outfits

And moral of the post is… The Naked Mannequin is back!  xx


A few of my favorite things…

I took a little time off this weekend. From blogging, not my two jobs (I wish). I would rather blog everyday, but a fashionista needs money. Especially for weekends like this one.

Straight from job #1 on Friday evening, I drove up to north Jersey in the pouring rain.  (Side note: I had never driven on the Garden State Parkway before this summer, but now I think I’ve mastered it.)  But it was to see my Alpha Delta Pi sorority sisters and well worth the trip.  Unfortunately, I only got to spend one night with them: one night that included drinking box wine (classy), playing the Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus board game, and watching the Roommate (appropriate, seeing as there were many roommates present).

Then it was off to job #2.  Not a fan of the NJ turnpike, but I made it with one minute to spare. Literally, one minute. And I was wearing my Steve Madden flats that I wore to job #1 the day before. They aren’t exactly ideal for a customer service job.  All I really wanted to do after that eight-hour shift was pass out, but it was wine night at one of my best friend’s places.  I’m glad I went.  There was a few of my favorite things: best friends, good (inexpensive) wine, and great conversation – aka reminiscing and gossiping. Don’t judge me.

Sunday: the holy day. Obviously, I went to my place of worship – the mall. Praying for a sale or two.  Amen. Summer sales all around. It was an amazing day with my friends and easily my most successful shopping experience of the year… and probably my last. Must. Save. Money.

How was your weekend?

P.S. Expect a post on my new clothes later this week. 

Allison and I on Friday night. Getting ready to play Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.