The Face of the Mannequin

So, why the name? A naked mannequin is a fashion designer’s equivalent to a blank canvasThis blog is just that for me – my blank canvas. 

Who is the face of the mannequin?

  • A 21-year-old, female, college student
  • Studying public relations and business administration
  • Obsessed with style, fashion, creating, writing and traveling
  • Addicted to social media and shopping
  • A child of Suburbia, New Jersey – otherwise known as Princeton: home of the ivy league school and about six ice cream places. (You can guess where my friends and I hang out.)
  • A world traveler and London lover. I finally got a taste of the city life in fall 2011, when I studied abroad at Regent’s College in London, England! It was like living in a dream for four months, and I hope one day I get to live/work there again.
  • For now, I’m back to reality. I have one year left at my college in the middle-of-nowhere, Pennsylvania. The real world is quickly approaching and the job search has already begun…

So here’s to style, fashion, PR and travel – in the eyes of a college student!


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