Laundry day…

Isn’t laundry day is the worst?

This morning, my only clean socks were my new knee-high socks, so I threw them on with boots.  Problem was, I had no idea what outfit to wear with them. My usual go-to skirts were in the dirty pile, so I rummaged through my closet. I threw on the first dress I saw, but it didn’t work. Next dress… Third one was the charm. Did I mention I woke up five minutes before my class started? Obviously, I was late. Priorities??

It’s hard when you’re surrounded by wealthy European students who wear designer clothes every day. I can’t just run to class in my pajamas! Oh, well.  My outfit actually turned out pretty cute.

I need some outfit inspiration. What do you wear on laundry day? 

This picture was taken after I did laundry. Happy Tuesday night!! Cheers! XO


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