Packing Light?

Even though I’ve convinced myself that I’m never leaving London, there is still the rational voice in my head.  And, it’s reminding me that I have to start considering how to pack all my clothes for the trip back to the US.  Or maybe that is my mom’s voice still ringing in my ears? Regardless, I have a large challenge ahead of me.

In retrospect, I could have gotten away with leaving 3 pairs of heels at home, as well as half my exercise clothes (obviously, I’m an idealistic thinker). Now, I am faced with the daunting task of fitting all my old clothes, shoes, souvenirs, and new clothes into 2 large suitcases, a broken duffel bag, and a backpack…

Any expert packers reading this? If yes, then please, leave me a comment with some tips.  It would be much appreciated!  If no, then I’ll be slightly relieved. I’m secretly hoping that I’m not the only fashionista that overpacks.

Surprisingly, I somehow managed to fit 10 days worth of clothes into a small backpack for my fall break vacation to Italy with my sorority sister, Ellen Varner. It truly was a miracle! I just made sure to pack basics that I could mix and match to create several different outfits. Fortunately, we went to Rome, Perugia, Florence, Milan and Como in those 10 days, so outfit repeats were forgivable.

However, I did not plan for the weather to be as cold as it was – who knew 10 day weather forecasts weren’t 100% accurate? Crazy.  I ended up buying tights and a pair of boots, and I layered as much as possible. Here is the outcome; did I pull it off?

In front of some Roman ruins

The view from Perugia!

Swing dancing in Perugia. Photo cred: Ellen Varner

Lighting a candle in the Duomo in Florence. Photo cred: Ellen Varner

In front of the Duomo in Milan with Stephanie Stewart. Photo cred: Ellen Varner

Sister love Stephanie, Ellen, and I at Lake Como

Spinning on the bull for good luck in Milan. Photo cred: Ellen Varner

There were a couple other outfits that were not photographed, as well as one from a previous post. 

Cheers! XO


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