Acting British…

Oh, how I wish I was British. Dear United Kingdom, please just make me a citizen? Cheers! (See, I learn quickly).

Honestly, who doesn’t want an English accent? Well, I suppose if you have your own distinct accent you probably don’t, but I’m from New Jersey…  Despite what you think you know from MTV’s “Jersey Shore,” I do not sound like I’m from New York (which is where most of the cast is from).  It’s worse than that – I have a typical American accent. Gross.

While I can impersonate an English accent, I’m not going to fool anyone. I’m still an American living in London.  However, I can dress like I am from the UK, and people won’t know otherwise until I open my mouth and speak. I love that.

My favorite style I’ve adopted while living in London is the shorts-over-tights look.  It allows you to wear your shorts long after the summer season, creates more outfit possibilities, and works perfectly with the London weather.  I wore this look up until last week, when it finally got significantly colder. But, I definitely plan on rocking this style back in the states.

What do you think of this look?  Would you wear it?

Cheers until tomorrow! XO


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