What is so great about living in a city?  There are so many different people with unique styles!  Especially in London.  You can wear whatever you want and odds are people won’t bat an eye (unless you got dressed in the dark, or your goal is to get as many strange looks as possible).  Of course, that is never my intent, but to each his own.

The street style here is amazing! It’s really inspiring. Over the past few months, I have adopted aspects of certain styles that I have noticed around the city.  While this has made it difficult to clearly define my style, it has also allowed me to have some fun playing with my wardrobe (since I am really trying hard not to spend money on new clothes).  I love mixing and matching the clothes that I already own to see what works and what doesn’t.

Layering is essential in London – the weather is so on-and-off, plus it’s hot and stuffy on the Tube, but as soon as you get outside you’re freezing. I’m still mastering the art of layering, but I have gotten quite good at dressing for location. If I’m going to Camden, I’ll throw together an eclectic outfit. If I’m around South Kensington, I’ll dress more posh and sophisticated.

Nonetheless, I’m definitely more daring in London than I am in small town Pennsylvania because half of the things I wear here would probably get me strange looks back at my home university.  Hopefully, I won’t second guess my outfit choices when I go back. But, for now, I am loving the creative freedom I have when I get dressed in the morning.  Here’s an outfit that I think reflects my creative style pretty well.  Ironically, I wasn’t in London when I wore it, I was in Rome. Let me know what you think:

I’d love to hear some feedback. Do you live in a city that influences your style?

Cheers until tomorrow! XO


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