I get by with a little help from my friends…

I recently entered a contest on Fashism.com to win a $500 Lulu*s gift certificate!  My love for Lulu*s goes way back:

My uncle Mike and aunt Sue moved to Chico, California in 2002 after living in North Dakota for a few years.  Visiting them in North Dakota was a unique experience – we attended a Native American Pow Wow, which was interesting because I have Native American roots in my family tree (my great, great, great grandmother was Iroquois).

However, visiting them in California is an entirely different experience.  It still appeals to my adventurous side: we have found natural swimming pools to swim in, gone rock climbing, attended baseball games, lost a shoe in a waterfall, among other things. But my stylish side loves when we go shopping on Main Street.  I first fell in love with Lulu*s Fashion Lounge when I shopped in the store in Chico, California in 2004!  So winning this contest would be amazing!

I’d love it if you could go to my fashism.com profile and vote “love it” for my #lulus Crossing Sunset looks! Voting ends this Friday, August 26th. I’d really appreciate it.

Below are some of my favorite photos of my Crossing Sunset look.  Special thanks to my aunt Peggy and uncle Ken for helping me with this photoshoot at Long Beach Island, NJ this weekend!  Also, check out my uncle’s energy shots, Cojones and Cojones Grandes =)

Interestingly, my first and only time flying alone was to visit my aunt and uncle, and tomorrow I’ll be flying alone to London!  It’s so soon. Now, I’m back to packing (I have too many clothes.)

Next time I post… it will be from across the pond! Cheers and thanks for reading ❤


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