My offline journal…

Essentially, a blog is a journal… One that you want to share with the online world. When I was younger, I tried to keep a journal, but nothing stuck. Maybe I was just waiting for was the blogosphere. Maybe 10-year-old Ally knew there would be something better in the future: the internet. 

I not-so-reluctantly waste countless hours a day being a slave to technology. Actually, it’s more accurate to say I willingly spend more hours a day in front of a computer screen than I do sleeping.  As they say: I’ll sleep when I’m dead.

I’m fascinated by social media and how quickly information is spread. On a normal day, my Macbook will have about 20 Safari windows open, most of which have multiple tabs. Generally there is a medley of style blogs, clothing websites, NY Times articles, travel websites, and YouTube channels (check out my sister’s channel).  And of course, WordPress, Twitter, Facebook and Bloglovin.

But… even with all the time I spend in front of my laptop, I still find that some of my best ideas start with just a pen and paper. 

I recently purchased the Moleskine Travel Journal. I had been advised to keep a daily journal while I am studying abroad, so I was searching for the perfect notebook. Then, I came across this travel journal: it’s got specific sections for wish lists, planning trips, budgeting, sharing stories, displaying pictures, and blank sections you can fill in. It also comes with stickers to mark important information. It’s exactly what I need for my semester. I just wanted to give it some personal touches:

For the cover, I adapted the “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster to say “My semester at Regent’s College in London, England.”  And I thought the quote by Saint Augustine would be fitting for the first page of the journal. Then there is some of my travel wish list and the stickers that come with the book. What do you think of my personalized journal?


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