You know you’re an addict when…

One quick shopping trip just doesn’t satisfy the craving. It just feeds the habit. You need more: More options. More stores. More clothes. More sales… and then, more money.

Apparently, the first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem. News flash: I have a problem. (Although I’m pretty sure some of my best friends, Hannah and Teresa, were quite aware of this before me.) But I’m admitting it, I’m addicted to shopping. I want everything. I just can’t afford it all.

Oh, the trials and tribulations of trying to save money for a semester in Europe. It’s rough.

I do have some self-control though. On my recent shopping spree with my beautiful friends, I only bought clothes that were on sale. I may be a little too proud of myself. But, I spent $240 and got everything below. You be the judge:

1. Sweater, top and jeans – Nordstrom Anniversary Sale   2. Dress – Forever 21   3. Sweater – J.Crew  4. Skirt – Forever 21  5. Camisole – Banana Republic, Blazer – Express (already owned)  6. Top – Urban Outfitters  7. Scarf – J.Crew, Top – Forever 21 (already owned)  8. Top – Nordstrom  9. Sweater – Gap, necklace (already owned)  10. Dress – Gap

Thanks to Andrea, Emily and Teresa for helping me narrow down my options and waiting for me while I tried things on!  Special thanks to Andrea/Andrea’s mom for helping me get the Anniversary sale prices at Nordstrom! My friends are the best. And, they are also probably reading this. Love you girls!

Also, thanks to my lovely sister, Katie, for taking these pictures.


6 thoughts on “You know you’re an addict when…

    • Sorry for responding so late, for some reason your comment went to spam? I like your way of putting it, “A love affair with clothes.” I may adopt that, I think I can justify it better that way.

      Thanks for reading =) I enjoy your blog as well!

  1. Wonderful post. I basically stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that we have genuinely enjoyed reading via your internet site posts. Any way I’ll be registering to your feed and that i hope you post once more soon.

    • Thank you for reading! Sorry for the late response, your comment went to spam for some reason? I’m really glad you enjoyed reading my post =) I will be posting more frequently soon, so check back!

  2. WOW! I’d be proud too if I got all that for $240 and not to mention it is all quality, super cute stuff! That F21 dress is amazing and I also really like that brown skirt xo

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