Dear Aspiring Fashion Icons…

Today, I read the article, “Kate Middleton Earns Her Place As A Style Icon” on New York Magazine’s fashion blog, The Cut.  And it was as if I suddenly began to reconsider my definition of style.

As the new Duchess of Cambridge, Kate certainly has the funds to be a fashion icon.  But, she can’t be sporting next season’s runway trends when she is in the public eye as a political figure.  Therefore, according to the fashion industry, Kate is in no way a fashion icon.  So, she is “demoted” to style icon?

I used to want to be on the top of every fashion trend, but if I could have Kate’s put together style and extensive wardrobe – which millions of people ogle over – I would be content. Sure, I would be more daring than Kate is when it comes to couture. But, to be fair, I’m not a duchess.

So, what makes a fashion icon? To me, it seems as if there are some key ingredients: money and publicity.  Essentially, any person that can afford to buy designers’ runway looks – and a stylist – could be a fashion icon. (If you go by the definition explained in the article.) Granted, it does take some creativity and trend forecasting as well, but that’s what they pay stylists for.

In my opinion, Kate Middleton’s doing something right.  Consider the countless famous/wealthy people that have absolutely no fashion sense what-so-ever and just wear anything expensive.  Personally, I think that is a waste of wealth. Share some with people who actually have style.  If I had the money, you bet I would be ahead of every trend…

Stop rambling. Reality check. I’m a college student, working two jobs to earn money that I will undoubtably blow in Europe this fall. So, if I can’t be a fashion icon, I will settle for aspiring style icon.

What do you think about fashion icons versus style icons?  Which would you rather be?

*After writing this, I read this interesting article  on who Kate is really trying to reach with her wardrobe choices.  Keep in mind, it was written by a self-proclaimed “fashion snob.”


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