Fashionista dies from resisting the urge to shop…

I can see the headlines now.

So, I’m not actually dead (obviously). But, for me, saving money and refraining from shopping is pretty close to a death sentence.

I nearly had an actual heart attack the other night when I checked my online banking and found that someone had withdrawn $1000 from my savings account this weekend.  My first thought: Did I black out and go on a much needed shopping spree?! Plausible. Except there were no new clothes in my closet (or on the floor, or my dresser top, or my desk chair…) After some panicking and a phone call to the bank, I figured out my mom took out the money for her vacation. But the bank took it out of my account instead. Crisis adverted.

To celebrate the fact that I was not really broke, I went shopping. Logically. Thankfully I have birthday money; Hello gift cards to Banana Republic & TJMaxx  and $100 that I won on a birthday lottery ticket….

Goodbye $100. Hello amazing white linen, sequin trim blazer with the perfect nautical touches (silver, anchor buttons and navy striped lining), bright purple draped skirt, and FREE brown woven belt!

God, it feels good to shop.

Unique white blazer (got it on sale!)

The purple skirt was on sale too

Free with my purchases


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