American Holiday, European Fantasy

Over the holiday weekend I went up to school to visit my boyfriend, Kees. Ironically, I spent most of July 4th wishing I was already leaving for Europe… yes, I know, how patriotic of me.  Let me defend myself:

Some of Kees’ fraternity brothers studied abroad in London last fall.  This weekend, I heard countless tales of their amazing (and wild) experiences, saw breathtaking pictures, watched hilarious videos, and created a mental checklist of all the places I need to visit. It made me wish it was September already… (as if going back to work after the long weekend didn’t already make me wish that). I don’t usually anticipate the end of summer, but my summer is dedicated to making money for the fall. I wouldn’t mind skipping to the part where I get to actually spend the money.

Currently, I am obsessed with planning the trip Kees and I are taking to Santorini, Greece. We both have summer birthdays (and he will also be studying abroad in the fall) so we decided this trip will be our joint birthday gift. I cannot wait for this view…

Santorini at night... I cannot wait to be here.

The view from a hotel in Santorini.


Phil, Dave and Cody (Kees’ brothers) just began their own business venture – Unlock Europe! If you love to travel, and want experience Europe in a whole new way, you should check this out. They hope to mix their love of travel and adventure with their business backgrounds to give travelers unique experiences, tailored to fit each traveler’s preferences. Look for them in the future… I know I will!


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