Goodbye Teenage Years…

Hello 20s – the best years of my life.

I wasn’t anxiously awaiting my birthday this year: I had to work all day, my friends are all in the city (or on a flight to Italy: come back Hannah!), and it’s just a reminder that I still have one more year until I can legally drink in the U.S.  There is nothing like working for a wine & spirits store and not being able to purchase anything.

Why am I not in London yet?

But, my little (sorority) sister reminded me that 20 marks the end of the teenage years – and all the awkwardness and angst that comes with them. While I am sure there will be more awkward moments ahead, I have high hopes for my 20s. So here’s to the future… and whatever it may bring.

And this wouldn’t be much of a fashion blog without my birthday outfits:

From work...

to birthday celebration! (I got a "Happy Birthday" call on my way out to dinner)

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes!


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