Old Dreams Become New Goals

I started college with no idea what I wanted to do; all I knew was that I wanted to be apart of the fashion industry someday.

Sure, every preteen girl has probably had that same thought at least once in her life – at least the stylish girls.  When I was 12, I used to draw fashion sketches instead of listening to my teachers ramble on (and that was certainly reflected in my middle school grades).  At age 14, I went to fashion summer camp. At 15, I took a class called Fashion Strategies.  I had above average grades, but nothing really interested me except fashion and writing.

Somehow, I ended up at Susquehanna University, a school in the middle-of-no-where Pennsylvania.  While its location is not exactly ideal – something tells me the Amish don’t care much about Fashion Week – it does have a great Communications program.  I started as a journalism major.  But my first semester I took a public relations class and decided it was more universal and practical, in terms of getting a job after graduation.  I realize that even though newspapers are downsizing, and magazines are struggling, journalism is far from dying – it’s just changing its outlets towards the internet, citizen journalism, and social media. And those are all outlets that public relations specialists utilize…

In the past couple years, I have become increasingly aware of all the advantages online media presents (especially for an 19-year-old living in a New Jersey suburb).  How else am I supposed to get my name out there?  In this age of technology, people get famous on youtube and get jobs from blogs. So obviously, it only makes sense to get with the times.

So, I’m thinking blogging is where it’s at, and that is going to be my goal: Get this blog really going!  … and who knows what may happen?

Love this black and white crop top... sorry you can't see the full outfit.


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